Elanco Seresto is a flea and tick collar using an innovative Controlled-Release Technology™ – delivering 8 months of continuous protection against fleas and ticks. These collars are designed to fit dogs and cats, depending on the needed size. This product uses insecticides to repel fleas and ticks, with two active ingredients aiding in repelling pests: Imidacloprid helps to break the life cycle of fleas by eliminating larvae; Flumethrin provides protection against fleas and ticks as well as biting insects. It also takes advantage of non-toxic natural plant oils to further enhance pest repellence for greater peace of mind. With Elanco Seresto, you can protect your furry friend from head to tail, 24/7 with the convenience of a long lasting collar that is adjusted easily—no need to bother with monthly applications after the initial application!

How Does Elanco Seresto Work?

Elanco Seresto is an innovative flea and tick treatment. It’s a one-time application that provides 8 months of protection. The product uses two active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Flumethrin, to provide long-lasting prevention of fleas and ticks.

How does Elanco Seresto work? The active ingredients kill newly arriving adult fleas and ticks on contact, before being able to bite pets. After being applied to the pet’s fur or skin, the product forms an invisible layer that continues to spread evenly across the fur. As fleas and ticks come into contact with this layer, they are killed by a neurotoxic poison that keeps them from reproducing or laying eggs on your pet. Plus, it prevents them from biting for up to 8 months!

The increased length of protection makes Elanco Seresto an attractive option https://www.seresto-collar.com/ for pet owners who want maximum peace of mind when it comes to their beloved furry friends’ health and safety.

What are the Benefits of using Elanco Seresto?

Elanco Seresto is an innovative flea and tick prevention product. It works by delivering a concentrated dose of a powerful, longer-lasting insecticide called imidacloprid and flumethrin directly to your pet’s skin. This formula helps prevent fleas from taking hold before they can lay eggs, as well as killing adult ticks that your pet may encounter.

The benefits of using Elanco Seresto are numerous: it’s effective for up to 8 months at a time, eliminates the need for multiple topical applications, repels fleas and ticks before they bite, kills fleas and their eggs already present in your pet’s environment, is easy to apply with no odors or mess, is non-greasy and water resistant, and has no harsh fumes or known side effects. In addition, it’s safe for use on cats and dogs from 7 weeks of age onward.

What Forms Does Elanco Seresto Come in?

Elanco Seresto is an insecticide for dogs and cats that comes in two forms—a collar, and a topical application.

The Elanco Seresto Collar offers eight month flea and tick protection and kills fleas on contact as well as preventing flea infestation. It also repels parasites from their target hosts within 24 hours of the product being put on the pet. The collar contains active ingredients including imidacloprid, flumethrin, and cyclocarbonate which work together to protect your pet for up to 8 months. Additionally, the collar does not lose its effectiveness in water or during washing since it is water resistant.

The Seresto topical application provides protection against fleas, ticks, lice, mites, mosquitoes and all other pests found in cats or dogs fur, as well as offering long-term protection (up to 3 months) against re-infestations without the need for monthly treatments or collars replacement. This solution is simple to apply by putting the contents in the bottle between your pet’s shoulder blades or directly onto their skin without having to groom their fur first. It will then take effect over 24 hours after application with 100% coverage across all areas of exposed skin—from neck to tail!

Final point

Pet owners should understand the benefits and risks of using products like Elanco Seresto as part of their pet’s routine health maintenance, in order to make the best decision for their pet’s needs.