There is a common issue with Windows when trying to cancel or delete a currently printing document from the print queue. It takes a long time, and sometimes it will get stuck and not delete at all, blocking all subsequent print jobs. In some instances, even taking the printer offline, or rebooting the machine will not clear the printing queue. Often, people overlook this step and jump directly to the advanced printer troubleshooting.

Your password vault eliminates this problem and allows you to store and use unique, strong passwords. Effortlessly save, access, and manage passwords in one, secure place. From here, you can view, copy, edit or remove your saved logins. If you have more than one account for a site, Firefox can save all your logins. Each time you log in to a site, you can choose the login information you would like Firefox to use. You’ll be prompted to save your username and password the next time you visit the site.

  • Select any detected problems and resolve them using the recommended solutions.
  • While surfing may be safe occasionally, you should never download files from the site or interact with the advertisements and pop-ups it displays.
  • @JonathanFingland Some software doesn’t allow special characters in an id slot.HTML PAGE NAMES for example This is another reason to want to remove them.
  • The required attribute is specified, making it mandatory that a valid e-mail address be provided.
  • It has a complete archive of your credentials with the options to modify and edit them however you want.

Once the browser opens, click on the three dots menu button on the top right corner. If you lock your computer with a password, you need to provide the password before you can view this password.

Remove Active exe Miner Trojan

Therefore, when you need to free up space, targeting any unneeded movies, TV shows, or home videos will usually do the trick. The macOS TV app is where many of your movies may appear. Fortunately, removing any already-watched or unwanted items is easy. When you start watching a video in YouTube, all you know is the time from when you started and you just don’t want to stop it. Like the time when you want to watch single episode of friends and you ended up watching 3 seasons – not to forget all your data was gone in the air. Before you start tuning into the angry rantings of talk radio on your commute, with a few adjustments you can still listen to your favorite songs while commuting. Mog, Rdio, Spotify, and Rhapsody allow you to download songs within their mobile apps for offline listening.

Method 7: Remove Printer via Device Manager

It’s crucially important for your passwords to be complex and unique. Again, you should never use the same password twice on any website!

How to Configure Chrome to Offer to Save Passwords

I spent over 18 years as a software engineer at Microsoft, and “retired” in 2001. In 2003 as a place to help you find answers and become more confident using all this amazing technology at our fingertips. You may also find that as you mouse over the drop-down list, the highlighted item will have an “x” to explicitly allow you to delete it. In many cases, this will remove the entry not only from the current list of suggestions, but from future suggestions as well. Various tools try to be helpful, but sometimes they aren’t. Select Folders and choose merge in an Existing PST, Outlook Profile, New PST. A Clean Up Folder will open, which will ask you whether to proceed with the cleanup or cancel?